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Devine's Manufacturing Partners designs and manufactures a complete family of radio frequency (RF) microwave products including microwave and specialty RF cable assemblies, passive RF filters, and coaxial cable assemblies. These products are utilized in satellite systems, mobile communications, radar systems, medical imaging equipment, remote‐sensing systems, and electronic warfare systems. Services include full mechanical and electrical design capabilities on all our RF product solutions.

Our technical expertise in RF design enables support during all stages of product development from circuit design to a turn-key solutions that include phase-matched RF cable assemblies, loss-matched microwave cable assemblies (semi-rigid, conformable, flexible, hard line, and rigid) space rated cavity duplexers, LC or lumped element diplexers and duplexers, ceramic duplexers, triplexers, band pass or notch filters, band stop, and multi-band and SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) duplexers.