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Product development is complex

It involves expertly balancing competing tensions—the highest performance and most features, the lowest cost and shortest time to

market, and the ease with which the product can be produced in both quantity and quality.

If performance is paramount, the product may become too expensive. If costs are cut, quality may suffer.

Navigating these trade offs demands expertise from a variety of disciplines.



Our Services

  • Embedded system design and programming
  • LCD Display programming and user interface design
  • Wireless implementation
  • DSP programming (audio)
  • Short run prototyping
  • Product development and specification
  • Schematic and PCB design
  • Capacitive touch sensor design
  • Test fixture and load board design


  • Freescale, Atmel, and Microchip processors
  • Reach Technology LCD display modules and touchscreens
  • CSR Bluetooth and DECT wireless
  • TI and Analog Devices DSP
  • Raspberry Pi and Beagleboard SBCs
  • Active noise cancelling
  • Qi, Rezence, Powermat and analog wireless charging
  • Xilinx and Altera FPGAs
  • Motorsports, racing, and rotating machinery interfaces