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EC Fans & Motors

Specializing in the design and manufacture of Electronically Commutated Motors and Fans to Original Equipment Manufacturers. Our engineers consistently benchmark for the design and manufacture of products that not only maximize performance but also reduce energy consumption in order to provide significant end user benefits with a cost effective product offering.

EC Fans & Motors

EC Fans & Drives is highly regarded as the number one choice for the most energy-efficient motor and fan solutions in North America and Europe, known for their innovation and high-quality products. According to many studies, electric motors are responsible for about 45% of the total consumption of electric energy, and we know from published reports that 40% of all energy costs in grocery stores is consumed by the refrigeration process. Our goal is to constantly develop innovative fan and motor designs to reduce energy spend and the carbon footprints of commercial refrigeration products.

Our EC products have several advantages to our customers along with being more energy-efficient:

  • Being more reliable with two times greater lifespan as a shaded pole motor is another important aspect as to why it is the preferred choice for commercial refrigeration cabinets.
  • Our product line has been developed to offer solutions to many different applications as our EC motors are available both as a combination with a separate impeller and as completely integrated fan solutions with added components such as blades, rings, connectors, and many others.
  • The EC axial product line is intended for installation beneath the shelves of refrigerated and freezer cabinets along with our larger fans, which have a higher power output for installation refrigerated display cases.
  • Working with our customers we have developed a product (EXRi-50) with an extremely thin footprint, which allows these fans to fit comfortably in confined spaces with no effect from higher back pressure encountered in such situations.
  • Our entire line of EC Tube Axial Fans (sometimes called computer or box fans) is made with global voltage, so you never have to worry about carrying 2 SKUs in inventory.
  • Our EC products are 3rd party safety approved by global test houses and many are ATEX approved and conform to the European standard EN IEC 60079-7 and are the preferred choice of many of the largest commercial refrigeration manufacturers for applications involving the use of flammable refrigerants such as R290 (propane).
  • Many of our competitors have several different model numbers that can be used for different output power applications from 5W all the way up to 20W. Our ECY Series product, which is designed for constant speed with output power 22 watts, can be used in any and all of these applications.