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Adaptors & Interposers


Built with you in mind


Our Adapter Boards are designed to fit your specific needs and eliminate end-of-life thru-hole ICs that are now only available in surface mount components.

They are also a convenient platform for breadboard prototyping. In addition to soldering an IC directly onto one of our Adapter Boards, we have the capability to solder a socket onto many of our Adapter Boards, thus allowing you to change out a component once the Adapter Board is soldered onto your motherboard.  This is a great option when prototyping a circuit.

Our DIP Adapter Modules can be fully assembled and tested in our Salem, New Hampshire facility, thus saving you time and money.

We are fully automated and can provide your product to you either full turnkey or we can assemble your supplied surface mount components onto our Adapter Boards.

Our Adapter Boards offer a one-to-one pin compatibility. We can also design an Adapter Board with pin correction for your specific needs and requirements. Give us a to see how we can save you time and money from retooling your motherboard to accept a surface mount component no longer available in a thru-hole configuration.


Our Interposer Boards are designed to fit your specific needs and eliminate the need to make costly changes to your mother board when dealing with component pitch changes. Our surface mount to surface mount boards allow for fine pitch technology on lower cost or heavier copper designs.